MTC Optics Viper Pro 3-18x50 Optisan EVX 6-24x56 Sightron SIII 10-50x60 Hawke 13310
MTC Optisan Sightron Hawke
Athlon Argos BTR 68-34x56 UTG 6-24x56 T.O. RS1001 Sun Optics 5-30x56
Athlon UTG TO Sun Optics

Welcome to our scopes and optics page. The rifle scopes we carry excel for all rifle shooters regardless of whether it’s centerfire, rimfire or airgun.

Our optics can handle the harsh recoil from centerfire as well as the bi-directional forces created by spring piston airguns. The occasional exception is the MTC Viper Connect, which is suited for non recoiling rifles due to the low eye relief allowing it to have it’s amazingly large field of view (PCP and Rimfire only).

Because we specialize in airguns, our rifle scopes not only must serve all shooters but also include multiple drop points on the reticle as well as 10 a yard minimum focus. Being competitive shooters ourselves, clarity is demanded at all magnifications, proper reticles as well as exceptional customer service from the brands we’ve chosen.